fish and a vowel

so for whatever reason after i got home last night and went to bed i never actually fell asleep. basically i’ve been awake since 8am yesterday, an for a 36 plus hour day i dont feel half bad. i think i might pop a zopiclone tonight though just to make sure this doesnt turn into some fucked up 72 hour crazy awake thing. kind of like that one character in the original nightmare on elm street. but then, she takes like speed and meth and shit to stay up doesnt she? man, what a shitty trade off that is. either you fall asleep and some crazy dude with knives on his fingers kills you, or you try to stay awake and turn into a meth addict. yeah, sign me right up for that one…

danielle put up those pictures i took of their place for them yesterday on her flickr. for the low low price of two hotdogs and hasbrowns you too could have this done! provided you have a large enough basement to fit chad and ryan and i and dont care that we spend a few hours down there after making noise and trying to figure out parts to zeppelin songs.

so as with any group of people that sits around and thinks they can keep time with each other for the most part, we’ve decided we need to come up with a name. the options thus far are:

– The Zaphinators (ryan’s suggestion)

– The Pat Zaph Project (chad’s suggestion)

– Pat Zaph and the Lava Street Band (my suggestion)

– The Pat Zaph Initiative (danielle’s suggestion)

yes. my friends like to give my ego a boost.

also, after a quick anthropological study that wasnt really even that at the cambie last night about the effects of saying “im in a band” and subsequent amount of sustained interest generated, i think it was batting 50%. although, the sample size was only like 5. or more, i have no idea, ryan could have used it more wandering around. whatever, i was just happy to sit and belt out Wanted while sitting on a pool table. i think the Cambie should be officially designated as Vancouver’s air guitar bar. how rad would that be? pretty goddamn rad i think.

then there was the superbowl at the mob house tonight. i called 28-21 steelers. i was close.

tomorrow it’s back to work on the thesis. cause apparently i’ll be given one of the first defense dates. craptastic.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Somewhere along the line, I developed a really keen “I’m in a band” radar.

    Tragically, I did not develop a keen gaydar, so this combination usually ends up with me trying to throw myself at members of queer techno groups.

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