stolen in operations

i might go in to harbour center tomorrow if only for the fact that at least there’s a stable internet connection there. im not sure whoever’s in charge of the home network here knows how to keep the damn thing actually running.

i bought two books today. not textbook books, not econ books, not academic type big worded hard to get to the point books. real books. there are only a few authors i’ve ever read who have some kind of series that i actually get caught up in. the Dark Tower is number one cause, obviously, that series blows everything else in the written world away. this is followed by favourites of bot my dad and I in the junk post-apocalyptic Deathlands series which are always fun because the plot is pretty good and the character development is fairly hefty. Christopher Moore is awesome and hilarious, but doesn’t really have any series so it’s kind of hard to lump his stuff in here… i think the last series that i’m really into is stuff by Baxter. the only problem is that they take along time to read. rather, i haven’t had a lot of time to read it lately. im also pretty sure i don’t know anyone else who reads stephen baxter books, and im fairly certain the subject matter of them would make a lot of people shy away. for all intents and purposes, one of the big reasons i go all geeky over shows on Discovery about quantum physics is because of reading his books.

i don’t really have a point here, i’m just stoked i have some new story to get in to.

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