ready made cheetahs

i got an email this morning that, in reality, is probably a good thing, but it left me feeling disconcerted all morning. that wasn’t helped by the fact that i had a bastard of a time getting to sleep last night. wide awake at 1:30am and i got up to play some guitar to try and mellow out some more. nailed down two rhco songs, and then checked facebook. turns out my friend in Dhaka was on, so i ended up talking to her until close to 4am. she might have scored a sweet internship in Vancouver, and i know that a lot of people are rooting for her. plus i have to see how she handles jet lag cause she maintains she won’t suffer it at all.

anyway. i was a little offput this morning, ended up moving pretty slow, and didn’t get to harbour center til almost 11:30. then i sat here for a while and could not find the work groove at all and just about packed it in and went home to brood. but ive since recovered some motivation and am pretty much back on track for what i planned on doing today. which is good cause it means i don’t have to sit here for hours and hours suffering through trying to write one sentence over and over again. couple more paragraphs that i have planned out in my head and i can head home. i’ve worked my ass off on this fucking thing lately and i can tell im almost hitting the point where i won’t be able to get any work done for days if i keep pushing.

now im sitting here, quietly plugging away, listening to some chili peppers and eating some lunch from the curry express place in the food court. i plan on one glass of scotch to finish off today’s work and then i can go.

i need to do laundry…

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