it matches the door number

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tomorrow im getting back to work on the thesis and all that fun research and writing type stuff that needs to be done this month.

im doing late night laundry and i wish i had snow gear so i could go outside and make big piles of snow and a fort and make a big pile of snowballs ready for pelting passersby with because that’s what they’re for.

i know a lot of people here are getting sick of the snow because it screws with traffic and it’s cold and it’s not normal weather for vancouver, but i haven’t seen a good winter in a long time and this is what it’s supposed to be like.

when i was a kid and there was snow like this i’d go play outside after dinner and make big piles of snow and then scopp out a sort of sunken chair and sit in there and just watch the snow come down. because that’s what winter is about.

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  1. Oh Hai. I like you’re new blog 😉

    I had to take transit into work this morning. There is nothing like paying $3.75 and then missing trains and being late to set you off on a good mood in the morning. I don’t know how your survive without a car Pat.

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