that song that goes like that

i spent a good part of the day in bed because i cant sleep at night and even trying to sleep today wasn’t much of an improvement. so now i’m waiting for a sleeping pill to try and work its magic and if it can’t then i dunno. i dont have a chronic sleeping problem, but for the last few years i’ve had issues sleeping in the fall. last year i averaged about three hours a night for about a month between october and november. it gets a little fucking annoying. i get moody, i cant function, my mind goes off in random directions, and i get cranky at people. it doesn’t much help when there’s not really anyone in town that i talk to anymore which basically leaves my family getting the brunt of it.

im going to move to WordPress when i get back to vancouver. danielle‘s already started. BUT I KNOW SHE’LL BE A PAL AND WAIT SO WE CAN HAVE A GEEKY BLOGGIN PARTY WHEN I GET BACK CAUSE SHE SAID SO, RIGHT?

yeah, i like that i can still geek out wih people. raul has also offered some help, which i’ll probably take him up on cause he’s cool like that.

i took this fucking pill like 40 minutes ago and it feels like jack shit is going on.

maybe im immune to sleeping pills. that’d be weird. at least no one could ever drug me then.

i got some good feedback from my thesis supervisor about the latest update i sent him, which makes me feel way better. seriously, i’d been wracking my brain for ideas to put in to make sense and going nuts about it, but it seems like it paid off. whatever it was that i did…

i’m not sure what i’ll do tomorrow…either plunk down some more analysis in the thesis, or bum around, head over to see some old teachers maybe. i have dinner with some famil friends tomorrow which should be good times.

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