your roots are showing

i stayed home to work today. i probably should have gone downtown. last year i could work at home like a maniac. now if i work at home it’s an arduous fucking process. that’s ok, im going in tomorrow anyway. plus i finished one assignment today. now it’s back to the grind of tallying survey results. i should probably start thinking about starting my social policy paper at some point. i know im doing an analysis of the BC Healthy Kids program. yeah. now you know as much as I do.
you know when NOT to go grocery shopping? sunday afternoons. that’s apparently the time when there are no carts and no baskets and the lines are the things of dread. so i get my stuff and im in line, and im standing behind this woman and what i can only assume is her daughter. could have been younger sister, i dunno. probably daughter.
oh, btw, i saw The Mist last night and it was meh.
so im standing there looking around at the lines of people, cause that’s what you do when there are lots of lines, you watch people. so this woman in front of my has her hair cropped short, dyed jet black except for some little line of white just on one side on her forehead. and then of course the Robson Street decor look of scarf, jacket, pants with no pockets, weird fucking shoes. you know, the kind of person who you aren’t at all surprised to see in Capers, but you would wonder wtf they’re doing in Superstore. so she has this whole hoity toity attitude while she;s standing there and her phone goes off and she picks it up and i guess Husband asks where she is. “I’m TRYING to battle the mobs of lines at Superstore…don’t ask me, i don’t even know WHY I came here, I wont even buy produce from here.”
it’s at this point i look in her cart and see that it it replete with no name brand everything and bags of lettuce and carrots from the produce bins.
your ruse does not fool us!
i dont get that. i dont understand why people go to a grocery store and suddenly shove their heads up their asses as if to avoid the smell of bulk bins. you know what this woman reminded me of? that episode of south park where everyone drives hybrids and Kyle’s family moves to San Fransisco and everyone there smells their own farts. yeah, this lady would smell her own farts if she were a south park character.
it’s a fucking grocery store. no shit some of the produce isn’t going to be super crisp. same goes for the long lines. people need to eat. seriously, if you’re THAT hung up about your fucking organic lettuce, stop going to a store and grow a fucking garden.
oh but that would dirty up your designer gardening clothes wouldnt it…


ive been living at this place for close to two years. today is the first day i met one of the neighbours.

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