zombies in the childrens room

my saturdays are exciting. i’ll tell you how exciting they are. i get up, i get ready, i go to school. see? exciting. i lost track of when i’d eaten today, so at about 8:30 i was trying to figure out when i’d had lunch, which had been some seven hours previous. but it totally didnt feel like that at all. when you spend so much time squared away in your own little space you sort of lose track of how time really flows. and then you leave and it’s dark out and you wonder why.
i hunted down about fourteen baby spiders in my room earlier. i figure i’ve got mad skillz at that now after i honed them chasing down the roaches and ants and other spiders in Dhaka.
i think Dawn of the Dead is on. im not sure. if im at home i usually turn the tv on for some background noise, and right now it’s full of GRRAWR SSNNRR FFRGGRRR and FUCK! AHHH GO! RUN!!!
i dont know what would make me assume that those noises would make it dawn of the dead, and considering ive never seen that i wouldnt really know. but i think it is.
no going hiking tomorrow, so i’ll probably be back in the corner at harbour center doing some more work because that’s how i roll.
here’s my rationale for hiding at school on weekends; doing stuff on weekends costs money. hiding at school doing work does not. therefore, when it comes to pay back money that isnt really mine, the less i use over the course of the semester, the more i have to immediately pay back.
doesn’t always work, but whatever.
i used too much oil cooking my perogies.
my ipod is pissing me off. it dies way too fast now. i’ve had it a year. i dont think it should die as fast as it does after only a year.
i think im going to watch The Mist later.
i watched a lot of Star Trek DS9 while i was in edmonchuck. i never watch it here.

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