you must have been out your mind

ten pages in and i hit the wall. fack. still, that’s not too bad considering yesterday i had fuck all done in this draft thing. actually, it’s supposed to be a ‘progress report’ but whatever, it’s an initial draft of part of the whole thing.

ive kind of lost track of time so im not sure when i went for lunch but there’s this new crepe place in the food court at Harbour Center that Richard and Dany and I hit up and it was pretty goddamn tasty. the dude who owns it is from France and apparently has a tendency to hire hotties as his helpers. of course, i’ll be going back for the food…

UUUUUUGGGHHHH i need to not hit the wall ever when i write stuff it sucks cause all i do is sit here for an hour and repetitively flip between websites.

im going for greek food later.

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