i have to save a churro and mini doughnuts

dario has pictures of the day’s trek here. the most frightening part of the hike was while sitting under the big chunk of ice my camera fell off a rock while i had the timer on and i thought it was completely fucked cause the front part of the lens was crooked and i thought shit, that’s not a good sign, but wouldnt ya know it that sucker popped right back into place and works just fine. well, the auto focus is a little slower now but whatever, it never broke anything so i can live with that.

id like to clarify that in the third video i dont actually want to see a dog jump off the cliff, but there were a shit load people people with dogs up there and prior to me turning on the camera i had mentioned something to the effect that it if a dog who liked to chase squirells was up there it would probably follow it over an edge.

based on the people we passed on the way down, here is a list of things people talk about on hikes:

group of young guys: dog shit

group of young women: apartment hunting and shopping

group of old guys in the shade: who gets the first bite of the white chocolate trail snack

young married couple: getting married

old married couple: young people getting married

group of old ladies: getting married AND young people getting married

group consisting of two married couples: being married and anniversaries

group of Sihks in traditional dress with dress shoes: im not sure, but i bet by the time they get up the hill far enough it would be something along the lines of ‘fuck this, im wearing prada.”

i’ll leave it to you to decide who has the better trail conversation.

im not so much a morning person as much as i used to be, but i have to say that getting up at 6:30 on a sunday and being on the trial head before 8am is probably one of the most awesome feelings ever. especially when you hit the peaks knowing youre probably the first few people all day to set foot up there.

i should get my camera armour tomorrow or tuesday, so if the tentative plan to go for one more hike next weekend is a go, i might bring my D200 along for the ride. if i do i dont want to bring my 16-85, even though it gets better pictures than my 24-100. id rather risk the 24-100 getting smacked on a rock than the 16.

Man Made of Cookie is still the frontrunner.

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