i am i am i said im not myself

part of this whole self motivation thing involves forcing yourself to get up out of bed when your really really really dont want to get out of bed. i was going to get up at 930 today. i was awake at 930 today and i flpped one arm over the edge of the bed. it’s a start. so im a half hour behind on my halfway planned out schedule today. whatever. i’ll still get work done by being totally not exciting and shutting myself in a computer lab for a few hours and sitting there and typing stuff.

yesterday i heard some people on the bus who were actually talking about the canadian election. listening to people talk about canadian politics is funny because everyone thinks they’re a fucking expert on the subject when in reality 99% of people know dick all about it other than the fact that they dont like one leader and they dont like another leader and completely ignore the fact that there actual policies at play here rather than just who speaks the best english.

i went for sushi last night. you know those Entertainent book things that are basically giant books of coupons? yeah we had one of those coupons and when we got to this place and looked at the menu al over it was like ‘coupon does not apply to this this this this this this this this this this this or this.” so i got annoyed and i actually counted the number of things on the menu it did and did not apply to and you could basically use the coupon on under 11% of the items available. what the hell?? having a coupon that basically forces you customers to order a fucking donburi dish does not leave a lasting impression of good service.


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