tractor pull season tickets

[drool] 180 degrees of fisheye [/drool] and seeing as how [drool][/drool] is about all I can do in this case seeing as how the msrp on this thing is $1400, i’ll have to add it to the list of Things I’d Like to Own Someday Maybe Hopefully After a Good Trip to Vegas.

i’ll settle for some Camera Armor for now. apparently that’s supposed to be cammo. looks black to me. though it’d be pretty radtastic if i could actually get cammo armor for it.

i have a rickshaw bell. i like to ring it.

every so often i get this urge to move everything in my room around. the trouble with that is that since i live in a relatively small room that’s not as easy as i’d like it to be. i think keeping your room dynamic is important. leaving everything in the same place forever just isn’t that creative. well, there’s also the whole location of wall plugs that you need to take into consideration. also, speaker placement if you have more than two. i need another shelf…

two more things to note today.

1. Happy birthday Raul!

2. Seeing as how it’s September 19, the following is essential to sing…

1 Thought.

  1. Thanks so much, Pat! By the way, we should totally hang out soon, yaaaarrrr 🙂

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