certainty the fallacy

i had about two hours of sleep last night and that fucking blew nads. i got up at 7 and i’ve been doing crap ever since I woke up and now I just want a nap but I can’t decide if i’m more hungry than I am tired.
we had a thesis group meeting today where we had to present our topics to our group after we’d gotten our initial proposals back from our supervisor. i spend the last two days redoing the damn thing to make it better and seeing as how I was only asked two or three questions about coding my surveys and who I can be in contact with to test policy alternatives compared to a crapload of questions to the other people in my group I think I gave a pretty solid presentation.
i also got a notification about getting approved for a student loan again but never found out for how much but whatever. some is more than none.
i think im going to buy another shelf from Ikea cause then I can organize shit in my room better and who doesn’t like organized shelves? a shelf hater, that’s who.
one of the people in my thesis group is doing a project on agricultural compensation for damaged caused by wildlife and it was kind of funny listening to the assumptions about crop damage the other people in the group had. you know like, does a farm consistently suffer the same amount of damage to crops annually? HAH.
or then there’s that weird misconception that people have that I have no idea where it came from that they think it’s illegal to shoot a Canada Goose. A quick consultation of one of my shelves where the 2008 Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations is sitting isnt really necessary. I already know the daily bag limit is 8 canada’s and a possession limit of 16 and 20 daily for snows with a 60 posession limit. i hit the daily limit of Snows once. ever. goddamn good shoot that was.

yi hong gave my the new Duffy album to listen to. i like it.

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