fields away from home

yeah, if that happened in the Desh he probably would have been beaten to death.

haven’t been having the greatest week lately. everyone has their ups and downs, now it’s just more a lengthy decline with the odd laugh stuck in for good measure. i think some of my profs think there’s something up cause a few of them have stopped to ask me if everything’s going ok and then give me some advice and are always open to helping. my profs are awesome. yeah, they’re awesomer than your profs.

im rehashing my capstone proposal to make more sense and hopefully be better. i need to start coding this damn survey soon too.

im going to go hike The Chief this weekend with Dario and whoever else wants to come along. hopefully that’ll go a long way in helping to clear my head. im of the belief that a long ass hike is the solution to a great many problems.

one of my profs wants me to make a photo book with my pictures from Bangladesh. i’ve thought about it. helloooo procrastination…

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