n v

round table chairs with wheels cables orange and blue snakes on the ground chalk chalk chalk smudged some kind of cloud that wont go away. wearing a jacket on the inside because it’s cold outside the world where the reality of everything just seems to move too fast and hits you in head like a tidal wave a tsunami moving unstopping clearing the way with open eyes that cant quite decide what they really see. here it comes but you cant do it cant do it cant do it ant run cant hide cant walk away it’s already on the table already on your plate take it or leave it either way it’s in your way and no way around. over under around or through doesn’t always work in the ways that you’d like it to.
click click click click click click click click click click.
yellow paper keys phone in a row one cant do something the others can in behind grey walls that aren’t big enough to move to block the view but big enough to think the room is empty or quiet or nothing is moving of any importance.
cant hide. cant do it cant do it. could hide could do it.
remember the voices on the wall that said so much without saying much at all they’re gone they’ve left they’re gone away but you can hear them coming in again.

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