we were promised a naked dancing guy

i have something like 300 pictures to go through. maybe more, i dont know, i lost coutn. i lost count of the umber of beverages i have had over the course of the night alseo. I TOTALLY ROCLED THE AIR GUITAR TO GNR AND IT WAS AWESOME.
chad and danielle are super duper cool and now they are married and i will have lots of pictures of stuff up later probably tomorrow or monday becase there;s stuff tomorrow too.
cha’ds dad thought i was the wedding photographer when we first got to the chucrch. i thoguht that was pretty funny. WE SAW ROBYN THERE BECAUSE SHE CAME. i missed robyn i havent seen her in forever!
there were two photographers, and the chick was rocking Canon and the dude was rocking nikon and his main was a D300 and his secondary was a D200 which made me feel better cause i was like ‘im so rocking the D200 too’ and he saw it and was like “dude, have you tried this stretch strap from lowpro? you should it totally takes the weight off and have you heard the rumours of the 48mm frame sensor camera that nikon is supposed to release in february?” and i was all “fuck yeah the photographer wants to give me tips’ he didnt really but whatever i still had like thebest camera there out of all teh guests. mayeb thats sha;llow but whatever. chad and danielle dont have to pay for my pictures. i got some really good ones i will put them up.
it’s one of those nights wher eyou totally dont feel the amount you have drunk, but now that im wirting stuff out and im seeing all these typos i can tell. meh.
i would also just like to point out that chicks bitch all the time about shoes that hurt their feet. yeah, well, it goes both ways. both of my ankles are now bandaged cause y fucking shoes cut the shit out of them. i swear when i get married whenever i’m wearing fucking Chucks with my suit. sorry mom, but i’d like to be able to walk around all night and not limp and grimace in pain.
it was agreed that there was a definite lack of single chicks ther bt whatever it was still good times.
honestly this is the first wedding ive been to of any of my friends. plus it’s only the third one ive ever een to and the last one was like…i duno, ten years ago? so im glad it was chad and danielle’s cause that’s cool. they’re cool/ they’re awesome people and everyone should say congrats cause they’re aesome people and i love them both.
also, i had to hep chad with his sus[enders before we left for the church. i hope my hands are nebver that close to his ass ever again in my life.

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