the salmon had your babies

im too tired to put all the pictures on here, so you can find them here. so far i’ve only uploaded the ones from just before and just after the ceremony. i’m still filtering through the reception ones to pick out the really good ones that have the most potential to make people embarassingly laugh…

so now there’s a Chad and Danielle Ciavarro. i’m glad. lots of us are glad. i’m happy i got to be a part of their marriage and the last few years leading up to it. yeah, even that kiss they had on New Years like two years back at some random house in Coquitlam that i was the only one who saw and was pretty much told i never saw that. I TOTALLY SAW THAT. i have evidence.

it was good times last night, and today at the post wedding present opening and food-a-thon. i woke up early enough this morning to go through all my pictures and do some quick touchups on some and go to metrotown (THREE TIMES IN ONE MORNING) to have them printed in time for today’s thing. which was worth all the running back and forth from there to my place cause everyone seemed to like them.

i took about another 200 today…but that’s mostly cause we were trying to do some mid air diving action shots while tossing a football around. i havent even looked that those yet.

im tired as hell, so i will now sleep. i’ll put up more pictures later and i will make them known.

i told you this was going in my blog.

P.S. congratulations again.

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