suited down

back home. im not entirely sure what day it is. i know it’s the 25th, but i don’t know what day it feels like. i’ve seen the day three times and the night twice in the last day and a half. cool, but kind of fucked.
66 kilos is about the total amount i brought back.
i spend my layover in hong kong endlessly walking around in a big circle. i think i managed to sleep a bit on the way back to vancouver. i must have cause i didnt get any dinner. pretty sure i smelled it though.
now my room is a huge pile of unpacking.
i have to find my UPass cause i dont have any change for the bus for the next few days. unless they take taka or hong kong dollah.
my phone still had a full charge on it four months later.
now im going to move unpacking pile from the top of my bed to the floor and sleep.

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