for six long years

i’ve waded through more water in the last twenty four hours than i have in the last four months and really, the only thing you can think when you have to do that is ‘man, i hope that smell isn’t from a sewer pipe that’s busted…’ ok, here’s an idea of what you have to walk through here. you know whenever you see things about waste water treatment plants and there’s always that gross grey looking water that you look at and figure it’s pretty fucking nasty? yeah. that grey.
yeah, my sandals are definitely getting the bleach treatment pre-packing.
i went down to Gulshan today with Nick to grab lunch at the Westin cause we can and then secured some all important type of gift that is slightly necessary, then picked up a new, big suitcase that i can put my little suitcase in and pack around it thereby avoiding the whole extra baggage fee. goddamn brilliance.
one of our friends who’s on the faculty at the uni plays in a local football league and their team made it to the final game which is on friday, which i’m glad i’ll get to see. hopefully it wont piss rain like it has been and i can rock some decent pictures of it.
i get to spend the rest of the day marking final exams. im about half way done mine. then i have to move on to 110 others that are not my classes that i was handed without prior consultation, and have not been given an answer key to, while the creator of said exam is trundling about in Thailand. yep, great organization there.
oh yeah, on the way downtown some crazy fuck bus driver tried to run us off the road because our CNG driver didn’t get out of the way fast enough for his liking and on the way home our rickshaw got smoked by a motorbike. i can tell i’ve become used to being here when, instead of getting freaked about that, i yell at them a lot like most people around here do.

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