a dunkey monkey

got a new watch. also a couple of dvds (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Last Starfighter, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, The Life Aquatic).
it’s kind of strange to think that i’ll be back in Vancouver in 17 days. sometimes it seems like it’s a really long time and sometimes it feels like five seconds.
i can look around my room and i know what things i’m going to leave in here, little pieces for the next person to use it. a rug, a pile of dvds, badminton stuff, some wall art…it’s funny how even when you’re staying somewhere for just a few months, you manage to accumulate stuff that you know that you can’t fit anywhere to take back with you but you get just because it makes where ever you’re staying feel more like your own little home.
today was hot as hell. as in, you can wring your shirt out from the sweat. then it was pissing rain about twenty minutes ago. a world of opposites.
the good thing about south asia is that watches cost half of what they do at home.
i have to start coming up with a final exam for my english classes which i’m not super keen on doing which I have to have done for the 18th. then the dilemma of what exactly to do about most of my students will pop up. most of them have little chance at doing very well, a lot of them have a good chance at failing. so, do i take the honest route and fail 60 out of 100 students, or do I take the cheap way out and give them all C’s and B’s?
i keep thinking about how boring public transit in Vancouver is going to be. there’s the bus, the skytrain and cabs. boring. no rickshaws. no CNGs. no insane taxi drivers with cars that are actually held together with wire and tape. yes, i’ve ridden in a few.
it’s an odd feeling to miss a place where you know everything is excitingly mundane. I miss Vancouver because I know exactly what I’m getting there. on the flip side, I’ll miss here because you never really have a total grasp on what’s going on and you have to learn to deal with it or you’ll never make it out.
I’m kind of in the mindset now where I’m glad that I’m heading home soon, but at the same time, I don’t really want to leave just yet.

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