scuse me while i squish you

i can only describe today as possibly one of the most randomly interesting days i’ve ever had.

begin with waking up from a not so restful sleep, proceed to come up with an idea that turns four hours of teaching into about 40 minutes while still having your students do work and learn, meet new old British guy, hang out in an office between classes long enough to be invited to a dinner in honour of said old british guy, go home early, chill with the guitar, in a group hustle down to the best hotel in the immediate area (id say probably meriting a 4 star rating but i dont know officially) for said dinner, sit down for dinner with the head of marketing for the biggest soft drink company in the country, the hotel owner and the most famous sports doctor in the country, proceed to be served as much food as you’d like free of charge, proceed to be invited to the Shisha Lounge, smoke a shitload of shisha, meet the VP of ISIC (you know those international student card things), be invited to an Invite Only party at one of the top three hotels in the city, have private car take you home with a box full of swag from said Marketing Head. did i mention it was all for free.

yeah, try and top that if you have a coop in Ottawa.

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