track pants and flower girls

sidewalks are made out of water here and bricks are the solid lilypads that we all walk on on our way to the university.

there’s some kid outside who got himself a kazoo. and he’s been blowing on this goddamn kazoo about every waking minute for the last two days starting at 6am and not stopping until late in the afternoon. it’s times like that when you’re laying in bed at 6:30 wishing kazoos didnt exist.

i watched Black Snake Moan yesterday finally and it was pretty rad. Sammy J can pull off an old blues singer pretty damn good. the only beef i had with the movie was that you have two main actors who are brilliant like Sammy J and Christina Ricci and then you have to go and fuck it up by putting Justin Timberlake in it as the crybaby boyfriend. good thing he’s not in it that much.

after i watched it i threw the as yet to be named acoustic into open G, headed up to the roof and actually played until i started to cut the front of my fingers up. there’s this building right across from ours that’s still being finished and there were some workers sitting on the roof listening.

on friday apparently i’m playing guitar for Nick at some Rotary Club meeting thing where we have to play two John Denver songs and a Neil Diamond song. i picked up this pretty wicked green long sleeve shirt the other day that i think i’ll bust it’s performance cherry at there.

i also never thought yoyo skills would be handy here but then again, I’ve basically suspended my sense of surprise here.

you think Yo Yo Ma gets a lot of Yo Mama jokes?

after dinner last night i helped Bimala start some research for a project she’s doing and after i started to show her all the stuff i have on my flickr, and while we were going through a crash course in googling at high speed i had on Epsilon Machine but switched to Muddy Waters for the pictures. so now i’ve created a new Muddy convert. she was tapping her feet and nodding her head along and i was like “you can totally dance to this music” but she wasnt so sure so i got up and did a real shit ass jive but it was enough to convince her.

i only have two hours of class today and all im doing is handing back their epic failure of an exam.

while we were going through my pictures last night i got to a bunch from danielle’s birthday and chad’s birthday and my birthday from last year and the infamous Puddle O’ Vom shot and i mentioned how i’d missed both of their birthdays already and then i had this moment where at the same time i felt very far away from everyone and everything but at the same time thinking about everything going on here. it’s really odd. i haven’t actually felt very homesick at all yet. i mean, i miss people, but there’s no huge sense of it. i do miss knowing what’s going on and i miss knowing what people are doing and i even miss the overhanging threat of being hit in the head with a sandal after chad’s put not a few drinks in him. but right now it would be hard for me to imagine not walking up in the morning to the sound of a concrete mixer or cows outside or the air force doing low altitude flybys.

i could imagine not waking up to that fucking kazoo though.

as much as it’s chaotic here, there’s still a lot of simplicity and sometimes simple questions just need simple answers.

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