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i’m having a suit made. i had it measured the other day and gave them the details i wanted (single breasted, three button, short lapel, double vented, no pleats, one back pocket) after picking some pretty nice material. all told, material and tailoring cost me like $175. compared to probably close to $1000 for the same material and tailoring in vancouver.
being measured up for a custom tailored suit is kind of an odd experience. not a bad odd, but kind of like a funny odd. hopefully they dont fuck it up. then i would be a bit annoyed.

i found out today that i have some Hitler fans in at least one of my classes. fortunately for the student who decided to inform me of his admiration of Hitler and that “the Holocaust was just him letting off some steam because when he was young the Jews treated him badly, you know?” I managed to restrain myself and not punch his fucking face in. could have also had something to do with the fact that we were standing outside by the soccer pitch at the time waiting for the game to start. while i didnt fucking smoke him this time, i did tell him that if he ever said that to me again I’d rip his head off. i think he got the idea.

our cadre of mostly Canadians ended up discussing this over dinner. we’re all pretty dismayed about the fact that people here can think and say shit like that with a straight face and believe every word of it. i’ll put up with a lot of bullshit, but anti-Semitic discussions and beliefs are not included in that. i’ve already decided that anyone in either of my classes who says something similar will be immediately leaving the class and failing the entire course. I will do this completely guilt free, and given the pull that the international faculty have at this university, with plenty of support. my students think im a hard ass about quizzes and exams, wait til they see what happens if this comes up.

im playing on the faculty football team in some tournament that starts tomorrow. should be fun. im also starting my first major step in my nursing project tomorrow morning. yay for finally feeling productive! i played football with a bunch of students today and only slipped in the mud once but now my thigh kind of hurts from the landing.

im also on a bit of a kung fu movie kick right now.

i should sleep now because im pretty tired and usually that means that one should go to sleep so I shall now go to sleep.

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