sloth love chunk

i bought some meal supplement powder stuff cause there’s a scale in the office at the uni and ive decided I need my weight to go in the other direction than down. my plan is to consume copious amounts of candy and junk food because that should supplement the supplement that’s supplementing our near daily regiment of rice, chicken and dahl.

these are my new shades. this picture looks Matrix like i think.

i found The Goonies at a dvd store today. dvds here cost about $1 because they’re all ripped or shot on handi cam from mexico.

i also bought a wicked silk shirt from Aarong. it totally looks like something Screech would wear. everyone needs at least one flashy silk shirt. and for $10 the price is right.

there’s a new lady at the uni now from Romania who we showed around today. she’s the first person i’ve seen gawk at the cows.

i also gave my two classes quizzes today. they have a hard time dealing with the concept of “if you cheat, then you will fail.” but they seem to understand after two or three people have been tossed out with a big fat zero for doing just that.

i bought bug spray. i went after the roaches. i never thought the sounds of flapping, flailing, dying bugs would be such music to my ears.

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