lost love of cutlery

eating with forks and knives is overrated. eating everything with your hands is way more satisfying. just thought i’d put that out there.

today was kind of bunk. which was lame cause it’s the weekend and i wanted to do weekend stuff and ended up doing maybe all of 45 minutes worth of weekend stuff after putting up with a whole fucking day of unplanned and unprepared events that were not pizza and ice cream and more work, prep work, hospital tours and coping with the fact that efficiency and expediency do not exist here so when someone says ‘my driver will be there in a half hour to pick you up’ it really means and hour and a half later of waiting and muttering ‘this is fucking balls’ under your breath you finally get in the goddamn car.

not the least of all the annoyances of today was the getting shit on by some stupid bird walking around trying to find a building on the campus of Dhaka University. and like, not the shoulder, or the back, or the arm, no, he decided it’d be a good idea to drop his load right on the fucking bridge of my shades thus causing it to spread in a general ‘all over the front of me’ kind of way. not entirely amused after that.

bright side of today, i found somewhere where i might be able to find a nice 14 or 20mm lens for my D200 AND a place thirty feet away from THAT place that sells nice acoustic git tars for cheaps. the withdrawal shall cease.

i also found out today that people here use netspeak to a sickening degree. and not just the annoying kind, like the “i either want to shoot them or myself because it’s so goddamn painful to read’ kind of netspeak. like, it’s not english, it’s not bangla, it’s not anything except fucking stupid.

im going to sleep now and by the time i wake up the world shall have righted itself of the mischief it felt necessary to doll out to several of us today.

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