horns don’t go there

today i met the former auditor general of the Bangladesh government. you might think this would happen in some nice, cozy air conditioned house. nope. it was in a private clinic we went to to speak with the administrator about programs there about ten minutes from our flat. he said he liked Edmonton in the winter and that he was very impressed with West Ed Mall. go figure.

im still rocking the lungi. it’s pretty much an essential part of male fashion here. because pants in 40 degree heat are totally overrated.

you know what else is fun? bartering a guy down from $7.25 to $4.25 for two new H&M shirts. that aren’t fake. yeah, that’s right, everyone at home, you go to your sales and tell yourself you got a good deal. I’ll be waiting to chuckle.

i’m going to go buy another pair of pants this afternoon. actually, i might look at a suit because why not. custom made wool suit in charcoal with pinstripe for $50? um, only hells yes. i know i could get one made for cheaper too, but it’s easier to take a rickshaw five minutes down the street to this shopping plaza.

i hope i never get used to a squat toilet.

CBC told me it was supposed to be like 31 out in vancouver today (yesterday?). that’s not hot anymore. im fairly certain that’s a comfortable temperature now. it was about 46 here the other day. we went into some big shop thing yesterday and the power went out and it was a goddamn furnace and around like 51-52 in there.

thus you can see the benefits of the aforementioned lungi.

i think it’s going to rain later.

you also learn to become totally zen in a vehicle, not worry about red lights, tell yourself it’s ok that you can reach out and touch a moving bus thats about three inches from you while you ride a CNG, and get very used to people saying “Canada? aahhhh, very cold.” next time someone asks me “Country? Brother, country?” im going to answer in french and see what happens.

the other day nick brought over a bit of Canadian Club and we had maybe half an ounce if that and it was pretty much the best thing ever because it’s impossible to find booze here and i never picked any up at the duty free.

also, anytime there is the hint of the smell of beef, i go into a trance because beef is also hard to get.

kk, im gonna go chiil on the roof in mai manskirt.

oh, one more thing… I found the perfect job here for someone. if you’re a tranny here, the business have to give you free money because they have some rules about that or something. thus allowing you to be as lazy as you want, and only have to walk around to stores and say “give me my money” and go on being a tranny. always a career option there for ya.

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