long road down

went to watch the Oilers/Nucks game with a jerseyless friend of Nemo. it was good times even if we did lose.

refs need to learn what tripping is. reffing. ur doing it wrong.

easter weekend and i have no chocolate bunnies, easter eggs. i have papers to write. and whatever’s in my fridge to cook. and the thought to cling to that in a few weeks time i’ll be on a plane home for a break from everything that hoards away moments of my time and i can lie on a couch in front of a picture window and not worry about anything for a few minutes.

i’ve come to decide that a big reason i’m glad to be going to Dhaka this summer is that the internet isn’t really good there. truth be told, i’m getting sick of spending so much time in front of a screen. papers, research, emails, surveys, whatever.

honestly, if you’re reading this, take a second and try to think how much of your life is spent in front of a screen, or thinking about what exists as words you type into a computer. i bet it’s a lot. i bet more than once you’ve thought the same thing.

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