that’s what the hell is happening here

the parentals and the aunt and uncle and i went for my twofour dinner at Chill Winston yesterday. twas tasty. today we hit up MEC so I could get some stuff to take with me to Dhaka…i.e….new shoes…new bag…water purifying stuff…board shorts….you know, those kind of things…

tomorrow i am taking them to meet the Rossi parentals.

right now im sitting here trying to get through my next econometrics assignment which thankfully isnt due for another five days. it’s a pain in the ass…this time i have to read the damn book. you know what’s annoying? subquestions. you’re handed out the assignment sheet and look at it and say “sweet only four questions” and then you go look at the questions and each one has like, four separate questions so now your four questions turns into like a dozen. why the hell cant you just give us the dozen and not get our hopes up?

im going to get this stupid assignment done by friday so i can let it lie.

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