i mixed the water

the new nin album is out. i have tried twice to buy and download it only to, twice, have the file been corrupted. lameness. thx to shaz i now get to listen to awesome music.

im a big fan of this new way of getting albums that radiohead seems to have pioneered about being able to get them directly from the artists themselves for varying prices. Reznor picked up on this which is pretty cool. Except for the fact that they may have grossly underestimated the demand for the new album(s), which I find a bit odd. anyway….

i got back the first part of my econometrics paper today after my initial proposal was torn to pieces and wouldnt work and blah blah blah it was shit, i reworked it into an A+ paper now. hells yes good stuff.

my parents are supposed to get into town later today, leaving me with nothing to really do but wait. i have no idea what time they’re getting here, so i dont know if i should stick around downtown or go home or what.

maybe i’ll go have some lunch or something. it’s raining, and i brought my camera but i dont want to get it wet.

also, today is the borderline last day to procure me a toque or boots or anything else Bob & Doug related for tomorrow. so, you know, get on that.

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