are your cans two for a dollar?

i found a roof to take pictures on today after class. while i was up there some cracked out lady ran out of a door to the parkade, looked at me and said “DUDE I REALLY GOTTA PEE!”
so i walked away as she ran to where i’d been standing and i swear it sounded like someone turned on a garden hose full blast.

then when i was walking down the street i was asked for change by a guy who hesitantly added “im not a weirdo…or anything.” im sure you’re not, but adding that phrase is then redundant and only makes you seem like a weirdo trying to convince people you arent really a weirdo even though you are.

today jordo asked the lady at the dollar store by the food court if her cans were two for a dollar and i started to laugh and he just stared at me blankly for a bit. simple things people, simple things.

i had some deep, thought provoking statement i though up earlier but it has since passed.

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