baseline over 5000

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you know what’s totally awesome? when you spend weeks straight doing so much work that you feel like you’re going to totally go nuts and have everything except one thing done and you’re stressed and annoyed and pissed off about this one last thing and how you haven’t been able to make any headway at all on it for days and days and then all of a sudden a thirty second google search later BAM youve got everything you need sitting right in front of you in nice organized tables on a nice, easy to navigate website database that you get so excited about that you immediately run down the hall, computer in hand, to your prof’s office to show them what you’ve found and ask if it’s appropriate information to use and they look at it and are completely blown away by the sheer volume and quality of information you’ve just found and and then gives you a few more ideas of how to proceed and you leave all encouraged.
it’s pretty awesome. even though it means sitting here for several more hours until the sun is probably gone and having yet another dinner of craptastic chinese fast food from downstairs.
in this case it’s a fair trade.

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