you dont know where ive been, Lou!

i have a cold. lame. not a bad one, but a cold nonetheless.
im also tres le tired. i just fell alseep for three hours and thought about ten minutes went by.
now ive got that whole post waking up from a nap blinking trying to wake up more thing going on.
i foresee dinner, xfiles, nyquil and sleep in the immediate future.

apparently everyone in my program is acting just like economic students because a card game proved that we dont trust each other and we’d fuck over everyone else for a better deal. and here we all thought we had such a good vibe going.

today was one of those days where no matter how much time you spend going through your entire ipod, you just cant find anything to suit your mood.

also, apparently i look like the type of guy who looks like a blogging stoner who wears rubber boots.


my guess is as good as yours.

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