brakes forward here we go out and abound

i realize that people will be looking for a recap of last night, but honestly, i just don’t feel up to it. i’m pretty sure i caught something yesterday and it hasn’t been very nice.
so instead i’ll do this.

last night was chad and danielle’s engagement party. i realize that of all the people there, i’ve known them for a relatively short amount of time compared to most others. however, in the two years that i’ve known them outside of the wide world of the internets they’ve been nothing but welcoming, thoughtful, and helpful. aside from maybe getting hit with shoes and seeing the odd thing thrown off a balcony…

when they started their secretive tryst, i was one of the first to clue in, only to be silenced like Joey to their Monica and Chandler. i cant decide if it’s a good thing or not that i can compare a good part of our friendship to a shitty sitcom that no one will ever forget, so in that case i’ll go good just for posterity.

either way, through them i’ve met some of the other best friends i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. how do you even begin to compare that to anything?

if you’ve ever had the…i guess pleasure… of seeing them go at each other as only italian folk can, you’d probably have realized there was a spark of something special from the first time they yelled at each other about meat and pasta. the two of them are kind of infectious that way. even when they nag at each other it only makes you smile. and not only because it’s funny to watch two people bitch about something totally pointless.

i know a lot of us were waiting expectantly for chad to bust out a ring. marlee even lost a bet over that. HAH EXTENSIONS HAH! anyway, when i was home for christmas and got a text message on the way back from going out for chinese food that said WE ARE ENGAGED! i was like GAWD FINALLY! and then i had to wait another two weeks before getting back to vancouver to say that in person, and another month until last night when we all rocked out air guitar style to celebrate chad’s brainwashing of danielle. i kid. it’s the other way around.

because of my coop position this summer, im going to miss out on the antics for the run up to the wedding, but i’ll be back to give a jetlagged, hopped up on redbull, beer and advil congratulations after chad and danielle are for reals chad and danielle.

congrats to the both of you.

ps im telling your kids everything.

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