doobs is dope

in my grade 12 art class, my art teacher told us to think about form and shape before composition.  i always remembered that so now when i take pictures i dont really worry about the composition of them. most of these i didnt think ‘if i use this setting, this colour blah blah then the picture will turn out like so’.  i think shapes and forms are way more challenging to get right because there’s so many ways you can look at them that it’s almost guess work as to which one might look the best.

hey, look at me spewing off things like i know what im talking about. im sure that there are a few people who’d argue otherwise.
yesterday i had to go meet with our department head about what we wanted to do for coop. as soon as i said that i was the other half of anson and pat who want to go to bangladesh she asked me a bunch of questions about why i wanted to go, what i would like to do there, if i thought i could manage it, and at the end she seemed genuinely satisfied with what i said and went so far as to tell me that she thinks im going for all the right reasons.  considering the respect she holds in Vancouver, Canada and internationally, this is probably one of the best things to hear from her.
after that a bunch of us ended up at Malone’s on Pender and one beer turned into several pitchers, McDicks, arcade street racing, and ‘if then’ lists at Speak Easy. and then i got home before 11. and then came the vitamin C, the nyquil, and a lengthy sleep and i have to say i feel pretty damn good today. going to get some reading for next week done, then head out with the MPP Guys Night.

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