i made a beautiful dinosaur!

i can guarantee that it was neither beautiful nor a dinosaur. it was however a blob of playdough with a neck and a tail and something that looked like flipper legs. then it turned into optimus prime. then it turned into a mess.

i closed out 2007 drinking water out of a wine bottle and chewing on a bagel. neither were my idea but they were good ideas i feel. therefore i have to thank my friends for not letting me make a complete ass of myself. just a little. not all the way. i mean, you still have allow for some year end shennanigans.
also, i wasnt there for the pantsless sociables game. disappointment or advantage pat? considering one of the pictures ive seen, i’ll go advantage pat on that one.
i went grocery shopping earlier, cleaned up the fridge and freezer, had dinner and went to see the new AVP:R. it’s on the mediocre side of mediocre but i didnt really go in to it with super high hopes. really all you go to that for is to see Predator kick the shit out of the Aliens. and really, who can argue with dual shoulder cannons? not i.
sorry, i had a geek moment there.
i still have a few days off before classes start again. someone suggest something i should do to keep me occupied until then.

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