right’s alright

im tired because i was up late playing guitar hero 3 on my new ps2 and playing with my new ipod and watching mythbusters til late wearing my new personalized oilers jersey.

i did get a sweater, but what’s christmas without one?
my mom also really enjoyed the Twisted Sister Christmas album i got her. seriously. i know she did because she had that look on her face that looked like “what in the fuck….” so i know she likes it hahaha.
the dog (might as well call it our dog now anyway…spends more time here than it does at home now…) had her face up in everyone’s face every time a plate was held. like RIGHT in their face. like right now. for some reason she decided that my mom’s new jj bean blanket needed to be immediately given a dose of dog drool.
it was good times all around. i think im going to go half sleep on the couch now cause i can do that because i dont have to go to work today like so many other people who dont know the joy of a month off HAH.
i also decided to make my own version of the fire log channel. when it’s finished it’ll be just as awesomely boring as the original.

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