the sky is Oilers colours here when the sun sets. looking out the window at a blanket of copper and blue that’s falling from the sky.

ive come to realize that i can hardly remember where anything is in edmonton. last year i could have gotten around without much problem. now…i can get to whyte ave cause it’s a straight line.
i went over to my old elementary school this afternoon, cause i usually do that once a year, and talked to my old music teacher, and one other person i was hoping not to run into just to keep things simple and locked up in the ‘i dont give a fuck anymore’ closet. i go over there to see my music teacher and some of the other teachers because they dont pester me about ‘what about so and so?”. they just like to say hi, ask how things are going, how the family is, shit like that. it’s been pretty close to ten years since i finished there, and the same for going back to say hi. i never really felt like i had to, but i do it anyway. it’s kind of funny walking in there and going to the music room and then having the class told “this is patrick, he came here a long time ago. ok everyone, we’re practicing for the christmas concert and he’s going to be our practice audience.” and you cant help but smile when you listen cause you remember doing the same thing when you were in grade 1 and the entire world was ninja turtles and cartoons.
i think it’s going to be odd the day i go back to say hi and there’s hardly any of the old teachers there anymore.
i went to do some shopping today by the hospital where my sister works. shes now a certified ‘shock-you-with-that-thing-and-yell-ALL-CLEAR!” thing, so if you’re ever in edmonton and need to be zapped, you’re in good hands.
the buffalo store had a crazy sale on. let’s not even bother with trying to guess if i bought something.

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