now you know sin makes me stronger

i had the best sleep ive had in over three months last night. the funny thing is, i set my alarm for early so i could drag my arse down to harbour center to start working on my last paper, and apparently i unset it before i fell asleep. so i slept in. no biggie considering this paper won’t take that long to do and i have four days.

this is pretty brilliant. thanks yous for pointing it out, it IS happy and smiley.

i feel im on the verge of thinking of something half assed important or thoughtful to say, but every time i get to that point i can’t remember what i was thinking about.

today is the first day of Hanukkah. i dont have a menorah, or a dreidle, or anything, and it’s pretty clear that im not a really big fan of religion, but i tossed around the idea of getting a menorah. everyone here has their own holiday traditions that they have and do, and i never ever really started one. mine pretty much now consists of, get stressed out for finals, dont clean up the house, live at school to finish papers, come home, watch tv, sleep, repeat. there are no pine smells or tinsel or whathaveyous that are sparkly and hang off trees or stuff there. shame really.

in awesomer things…how awesome is this? pretty friggin awesome

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