some kind of conjecture

i forgot that i dont have the Puscifer album on my Mac. so it’s back to In Rainbows while i plug away at my Analyses term paper on youth voter apathy. im about half done, 2100 more words and it should be in the bag.

by the by, my Mac’s name is Leonard Katsu. and my external drive’s name is Nimoy. and my jump drive is Caulisse. or Kirk. depending on which slot i put it in. it has split personalities.
im kind of surprised that i was the only one here when i got here this morning. that hasnt happened any saturday for the last three months. now there’s one other person here.
yesterday in class JR wanted to know how many of us would be interested in doing our summer coop in Bangladesh. There’s six of us interested. i’m hoping the fact that i handed in my final paper early gives me an edge since only two people can go. im pretty much hoping i can go because it’ll give me a much better chance at an application with CIDA after i graduate.
here’s how i have made a bunch of life altering decisions in my life. i make no definite decisions at all. it’s true. the odd thing is that for certain things, i’ll be talking to people, or in class or read about something and then there’s this little alarm that goes off in my head that goes “Do THIS!” it happened when i first heard about the Page Programme, it happened for a few classes ive taken that ultimately got me way more bang for the buck than most people got, and it happened when one of my profs last year mentioned the MPP program in class. it was like BANG! GET INFO GO DO THIS! and the odder thing is that i have just as much a chance at not getting accepted to any of these things as anyone else, but every time that bell goes off in my head about something i never get rejected.
so when we had a presentation from CIDA and Foreign Affairs a few weeks ago about the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan, it went THIS IS IMPORTANT FOLLOW UP ON THIS!
so here’s hoping that once again my ability to make decisions by simply not really making decisions pans out and i get to work on some real international development work. because why not.
ok, back to the paper now.

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