it’s a video of a dog pooping on a baby

i now present you with a list of random factoids about yours truly, because i cant think of anything better to do.

1. i always brush my teeth before i eat breakfast

2. i usually go through a set of headphones every 8 months

3. lilo & stitch is, and shall forever be, my favourite movie ever

4. in high school my most used talent was reciting Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Army of Darkness and Full Metal Jacket line for line on a regular basis.

5. i used to only wear black tube socks. i have since moved on to sports socks.

6. i hate reality tv but if it’s on i’ll probably stop and watch it.

7. at least once a day i think about the Gibson SGJ at Rufus guitars

8. when i was little i wanted to be an astronaut, then a paleontologist, then a geologist, then i did none of the above.

9. i read physics articles in magazines in case i ever get into a discussion with a physicist and wont look like an idiot.

10. i used to hate onions and mushrooms.

11. i won a bronze medal in mixed doubles badminton in grade 8. that was the only school team i was ever on.

12. i still play with LEGO, and when i build a cool spaceship i get sad when i take it apart.

13. watching Star Trek TNG is still cool in my books.

14. the only tv stations i watch on a regular basis are CBC Newsworld, Discovery Channel, and the Food Network.

15. i was a member of the Canadian Alliance because they offered me a job but wouldnt let me work until i was a member. then i was a member of the green party. now they’re all insane.

16. i never watched Saved by the Bell.

17. i hate to get really dressed up but i clean up real nice

18. i have over 12 pairs of shoes and 8 pairs of sunglasses

19. i arbitrarily decided to want to learn portugese when i moved to ottawa but never did.

20. i cheered for calgary when they were in the final against Tampa. then they lost and it gave me another reason to hate the Flames again.

1 Thought.

  1. Hello blogger,
    you’re probably surprised to get any comments well i was bored and googled ‘a video of a dog pooping on a baby’. Since you don’t have such a video.. well quite frnakly i’m disappointed, but i’m also a little confused as to why you even have that written at the bottom of a totally random blog.
    anyway the reason i googled that was ’cause of a tv show called ‘how i met your mother’, it’s awesome (not a reality show-it’s a sitcom with heart, like sitcom 3.0). it happens to be hilarious and in one episode one of the characters finds a video of a dog -you guessed it- pooping on a baby. the vid wasn’t showned but it sounded funny and i was curious as to it’s existance, so far the search is disappointing and the number of youtube video’s of dog pooping is really surprising.

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