those aren’t his real teeth

i have the tv on in the background while i rearrange my pseudo closet and do laundry. future weapons is on.

somehow, i dont think any job i’ll ever have will be as fun as ‘explosive ordinance disposal technician’.

it was a bit of an ugly game tonight. actually, bittersweet would be the more appropriate term. i could have gone to the game courtesy of some extra tickets but unfortunately, seeing as how i have way too much shit to get done at schoolin, a few days at home wasn’t in the cards this week.
i, for one, was glad to see smyth step back on home ice. no matter how you look at it, he was drafted by edmonton, played a dozen solid years in edmonton, and brought his heart and soul to the team and the city. it’ll always be his home ice.
which is why the jerkoffs at Rexal who booed him the whole game pissed me off. fuck you guys. he didnt piss on the team like Comrie or Pronger. this was Kevin Lowe’s deal. if you’re gonna boo someone, fucking go and boo Lowe. that extra money Smyth was asking for could have pretty easily come out of Penner’s contract you douchebag. you want someone who’s worth what you pay for, it isn’t fucking Dustin Penner, it’s Ryan Smyth.
when i see smitty play the oilers now, i’m not going to boo him. im going to give him a cheer, as would anyone who appreciated what he did for the Oilers for over a decade. he’s not a traitor to the team, and he never will be, unlike those arrogant dipshits who can only think in terms of ‘he’s on the other team, so now he sucks.’

best luck with the Avs, Smitty. you and your mullet are always welcome back in the Chuck.

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