tomorrow’s only as far away as you want it to be

on friday i get to watch the sun come up hanging in the air over mountains. for three days after that i get to breathe in the mornings when people are still sleeping. i get to watch the sun rise and watch the same sun set and say “i’ll see you tomorrow” all over again. my thanksgiving is about family, but it’s also about camaraderie, it’s driving four hundred klicks in a single day for days in a row, it’s appreciating the silence and the laughter, and most importantly it’s about sharing something that few other people could ever hope to have.
satisfaction this weekend isn’t just sitting on a couch or having a great meal, satisfaction is sitting on that couch after running the last breath out of me and aching everywhere, it’s eating that meal knowing i worked hard for it.
i get to say hello to the day in a way that everyone wishes they could, quiet, peaceful and undisturbed by everything we want to escape from. and it lasts as long as i want.

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