it’s not brown it’s amaretto

i went with everett to metrotown today cause he wanted a messenger bag. you’d think finding a decent one would be easy.
we were wrong.
though he did score a nice casual slash business one at aldo.
i found a radtastic peacoat at buffalo. i’ll even forgive the royal purple brit influenced liner cause everett said it was pretty bitchin and then i agreed and then i looked at the price and i dont have a new peacoat. dammit.

my contributions to the matt good tour gallery are up for all to see now. obv check the Vancouver date at The Center. otherwise, most likely youve seen them if you looked at the ones on here cause really, theyre the same. only fewer there. oh well. i contributed.

actually, now that i think about it, of all the concerts ive taken pictures at, this is the first one where any shots ive taken have been put up on the site of the band or musician. i would have thought at least one of my finger 11 ones would have been grabbed by someone but nope. oh well. AND THE ONES IN THE GALLERY LOOK FUCKING COOL CAUSE I KNOW HOW TO TURN OFF MY GODDAMN FLASH.

really, i hardly use it.

it was marlee’s birthday today. a bunch of us went to Mugs N Jugs. i gave her $10 to give a stripper and a stripper shoved her tits in her face to get a fiver. we laughed. and then i sang Run to the Hills.

i am still lacking a peacoat.

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