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Dear CPAC, i heart you because you stream live at work so i can watch the cabinet shuffle live.

ok let’s see…

MacKay in Defence. I agree that this is a good spot for him. I think Harper underestimates MacKay a lot, but this is a good portfolio that will let him provide a good show of leadership which this department needs to provide to Canadians. Plus he speaks both official languages. Why there are actually ministers in Harper’s cabinet who dont speak both….um….i’m pretty sure that the Constitution Act says something about French and English having equal status and seeing as how a Minister if basically representing Canadians as a whole….

Bernier as Foreign Affairs. I think this is also a good fit, however there’s always the fact that it could be played up politcally in Quebec to bolster industry support before the next election.

Prentice in Industry. Pretty big swapping of portfolios and I don’t know how he performed in Indian Affairs sooo….no comment on this one.

Verner in Heritage. Yes. Good. Oda is gooooooooone! And in her place is someone who actually appreciates cultural value, can speak both official languages without butchering them both at the same time, and is more socially progressive than her predecessor. Again, there’s going to be bitching about the pandering to Quebec because of this move, but honestly, i don’t think it’ll be as big an issue as some people might make it out to be.

Oda as International Cooperation. No, I said get rid of her, and by that I meant get her out of the Cabinet. Come on, this cabinet shuffle was meant to improve the communication of this government. I know it’s a demotion, but if an issue arises in which international cooperation is needed I’d really like someone in place who can actually communicate. To say that Oda cannot speak eloquently is about the biggest understatement ever. I have an easier time understanding three year olds. Plus she’s pretty much tainted with conflicts of interest and if her decimation of the Heritage ministry is anything to go by, IC is in for a rough ride.

Ritz in Agriculture. Ritz is vehemently opposed to the Canadian Wheat Board and there’s rumours that his first act will be to appeal the Federal Court of Canada’s ruling on the ability of the government to regulate the Wheat Board. I know he’s a farmer and all, but putting a guy in place who pretty much disagrees entirely with how that particular industry is handled doesnt seem like a wise choice.

Strahl in Indian Affairs. Ok, im going to admit a personal bias here cause when i worked in the HoC Strahl was a pretty cool guy. I think he disappointed a lot of people in Ag, but this will give him a chance to try his hand at unifying part of the Canadian populace.

Ablonczy as Secretary of State and Tourism. Personally, I think she’s kind of hardnosed, but i dont think she can do much damage for tourism.

O’Connor in National Revenue. Everyone thought Oda would get this. I really have nothing to say for this one other than I just about laughed my ass off when i watched him sit down next to MacKay. He looked like someone kicked him in a balls.

honestly i think that this shuffle wont do much to improve the chances the Tories have of winning a majority in the next election. it’s pretty much patch work. if Harper really wanted to make a difference leading up to an election a bigger shuffle involving a younger slate of his caucus should have happened. this shuffle does nothing to appeal to most people who could vote for a Red Tory. a smarter move in my opinion would have been to promote people like Moore, Jaffer, and Rajotte, while at the same time having controversial MPs like Rona and Day move more to the rear so they stay out of the public light and dont offer up memories of stupid decisions and ideologies that stray too far out of the mainstream of Canadian values.

now i have to go read more graphs and such.

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