i’ll quantify your demand curve elastically!

apparently pictures of me sitting in a library are the saddest thing in the world.

im about a fifth of the way through one econ book. not too shabby considering i pretty much only started it a day ago. i’m going to go find a starbucks or waves or something and go read there cause i tried the couch this morning and it wasnt jiving.

i had some pretty fucked up three quarters asleep dreams this morning. you know the kind where you’re more asleep than awake but you’re awake enough to know what time it is? i’m pretty sure it had something to do with me being all impressed with the automatic doors at VCC even though ive never been there.

also when i woke up i thought of a fucking brilliant song. much along the lines of Tenacious D. one might even say that this was inspired by the One Note Song. only this is called “The Two Line Song” check it out;

“i got a girl, she likes to fuck. I hate my job it sure does suck.” and you just keep singing that. every once in a while throw in a ‘woah oh oh”. see? it’s fuckin simple. one song in the bank. next song. NEXT song.

it’s probably the best lyrics ever that started out of me thinking “my job sure does suck…what rhymes with suck…” brilliant i tell ya. maybe tonight i’ll record a little jingle for it.

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