somewhere in between the end

im sure by now that everyone who ran out and stood in line at midnight to buy a book has finished it.
here’s who died.
if you or any of your friends feels the need to call a help line because of this list or because Harry Potter or Ron or however you spell the girl’s name didnt die and they all got married happily ever after then maybe you need to call a different help line.
doesnt anyone think that the end of that book is a bit of a cop out? lalala twenty years down the road and everyone has little kids and theyre all married to who everyone figured they should marry and oh look all their kids are going off to learn magic.
don’t you think a more viable and truthful ending would have something to do with years of psychological trauma undergone by all the people who watched their friends get killed and battled some slimy evil guy who tried to suck out their souls or whatever?
maybe there doesnt need to be that though. think about it, the US said it won the war when Georgy boy stood on the aircraft carrier. and now we have “TERROR LEVEL ORANGE! SOMEONE SOMEWHERE MIGHT SOMEDAY THINK ABOUT DOING SOMETHING IN A PLACE THAT MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT BE WHERE YOU MAY NOT BE!”
maybe now there’ll be a similar thing in the wizard land. sure, they all get married and have kids, but their kids will now live in constant fear that someday someone somewhere somehow will do something so horrible that they’ll have to make up some wizard version of FOXNews just so they can feel comfortable knowing that theyre scaring the shit out of themselves for no reason.
now there’s a good ending.

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