how’s how it’s made made?

it’s hot out. it’s hot out in the way that makes taking public transit really suck because there are only two smells on the bus in the summer:

1. sweat.

2. sweaty perfume.

and it really sucks when you get stuck between a big fat dude who’s dripping all over because he’s melting and the vapid 14 year old on the cell phone who thinks that she needs to wear the whole bottle of whatever new smell brittany spears has out that makes her look like a lesbian in the ads.

you know what else ive been thinking about? when you go stay somewhere for a while, are there like universal taking a shit ethics? seriously, is there a way to announce that “hey im going to take a big fucking dump right now, you might not want to go in your bathroom for a while, soooo, yeah thanks for the hospitality.”

im going now. k bye.

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