and then he served us pancakes

when i get sick and i stay home in bed slash on the couch my tv viewing of choice is Star Trek TNG. i dont know what, but whenever i get sick i watch it more than I usually watch it.
i think im at that point where when i go to sleep tonight it’ll either go away or go back to being like yesterday and it’s not up to me which cause i’ll be asleep.
which sucks cause it’s putting a pretty big dent in the whole ‘let’s go drink with danielle’s australians” plans for tomorrow.
also i watched the whole first season of Chapelle’s Show.
i think if i feel better tomorrow i’ll go but i’ll pull a Colm Feore from bon cop bad cop and bust out un ginger ale, straight up sans glace s’il t’plait. and then i’ll sing songs in dirty pig dog french because everyone loves that.

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