youre not an idiot, youre 13

i keep thinking that when i have my laptop i’ll be much more at ease about having shit to say all the time because let’s face it, there’s no shortage of Starbucks in this city with free wireless access.
then i dont have to try to remember shit i see, i can just stop and write and be IMMEDIATE you know?
im debating whether or not to pack my mp3 player with me cause really, i’ll really only listen to it on the plane, and seeing as how my flight on thursday is at 7am i’l probably try to be sleeping on the plane.
ive got Thirty Three stuck in my head.
i used to pack like i was going on a fucking safari for three months when i went places. now i can pack like nobody’s business. ok, maybe that’s not true, but at least i have room for shit i buy.
also, on a completely different note, did you know that if you have an ING savings account that you CANT use your bank card as a debit card? yeah, that’d kind if be helpful information wouldnt it? didnt tell me THAT on your orange commercials Save Your Money guy, didja? nope.
apparently he’s a big deal in Norway.
i went for late night sushi with Alana and Faiz last night to Tsunami. i was supposed to answer the cell phone for the chicks next to us who had this guy keep calling one of them. mostly cause they were yelling “THERAPY THERAPY THERAPY!!” into it and i gave them a funny looke and they were like “he’s an asshole and stalking her” so i was like “let me answer it?” so of course it doesnt ring for five minutes and they have to leave. and only after they left did i say “i should have said “give me your phone number and i’ll stalk you?” and the alana gave me a dirty look but Faiz agreed that theat probably would have worked because of the inherent ironic comedic twist.
i have a mole on my left thumb that just showed up one day and i always think it’s a speck of dirt.

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