these days of cloak and dagger

so saturday i got to sleep in. i think that when you live away from home for an extended period of time there’s no getting used to going home and being somewhat curious and dismayed at the same time about things that are different. case in point, fence along the side of the house was gone. last time it was the front of the house that was gone. it’s things like that that make you stop and go “um….ok?….” and then wonder what else is different about a place that you always thought would stay the same. i never really thought i’d end up thinking of There as something static while Here was dynamic. it’s kind of an odd thought process, thinking that you go visit home and you have an image in your head of something that never changed for most of your life and when you get there now it’s not completely different but enough that it makes you take a good close look at it.
saturday morning i had bacon.
saturday afternoon i spent in a provincial heritage house of friends of the fambly for my mom’s retirement slash sister’s graduation party type thing gathering people wandering around chatting and eating small pieces of food with punch type thing. another thing i think you dont realize is how much your parent talk about you to people you have no idea who they are but they come up to you and are like “so i hear you’re still in Vancouver and you’re getting your Master’s in the fall!” and here’s an odd thing. most of the time when people say this to me i have no problem going on and on about it but this time my brain was thinking two things. 1- “how come youre so interested, please go say congratulations to my mom and sister because this is their party 2- i just kind of want to wander around and take pictures and not talk about it.” of course i didnt say this outloud because out loud i was saying “yep” and coming up with answers as to what i think i would do with my life after i got it which generaly involved something along the lines of “well i guess i’ll see won’t i?”
saturday night was spent with the rents going out for vietnamese food and having some downtime which was good and tasty. then i watched half of POTC2 and went to sleep.
then i woke up early sunday and watched the rest of POTC2 til it stopped raining. then i drove out to the country with my dad and my sister and we shot off about a thousand rounds at golf balls and spinner targets and old pots and pans. also i was all too happy to wander up and down the road blowing holes in fence posts and the ground and cattails with my shotgun which i have missed so dearly and according to my dad had the biggest shiteating grin on my face after i went through fifty shells which was fine by me because it was so worth it to go half deaf and have a sore shoulder. not so much from the 2 3/4 shells but the 3 1/2’s kick like a bitch but theyre so fucking fun to shoot. you know what i rally want to see? someone who’s never fired a gun before say “that’s not hard at all” and then pick up a 12 gauge loaded with a 3 1/2 inch 1 1/4 oz. heavy field load and touch it off and then see what they think about it. i think thatd be pretty funny. well, funny on the chance that they dont drop my fucking gun and get dirt in the barrel cause thatd be uncool. if they did that i’d feel no sorrow at all for their maybe broken collar bone. pansy. ok maybe thats not fair, but it’s not my fault putting a few thousand rounds of shells up over twelve years made me used to it…ok maybe it is. anyway.
sunday night we had father’s day steak and i flew back to vancouver.
tonight i drank grape juice out of a wine glass because it’s classy.

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