drive white boy!

first, thanks to dario for the use of te truck, and chad and danielle for helping to haul boxes and now i am all moved in and in the process of unpacking and that’ll take a day or two.

second, sunshine lollipops and rainbows is a Lesley Gore song.

after i get more sleep and rest off the weekend i’ll put up pictures tomorrow from this weekends public consumption of alcoholic beverages, chips and cheese as well as well documented photos once again proving that a Jew such as myself fails miserably at basketball and soccer ball.

moving isn’t really a big deal anymore. which i guess is strange in it’s own way. i was telling sonia last night about the very first time i moved out of home to ottawa and how fucked up it felt looking at your entire life packed up in boxes. now it’s more like “who has a truck i will buy you beer.” this makes the eleventh move in four and a half years. im a fucking nomad now, gimme a spear and point me at a mammoth and i’ll fucking make food and a mobile home out of the fucker now.
now it’s not so much moving that annoys me, it’s the next four months where im pretty much stuck in the real world again away from anything academic where people tend not to take their leisurely time about things and lately ive just been like ‘fuck i need a vacaaaaaaation’ and then i keep reminding myself that i get one in two months and get to go have random adventures and muck about taking pictures with my might as well be twin and then i think it’ll be ok cause that’s the tipping point of the summer and after that it’s downhill til september and back into the annals of academia shall i venture.
fireworks are sparkly and are always a good time. i like to go out beyond the white breakers.

two days sans net and i feel so out of the loop… mrah…

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